Consulting – #thegreatresignation!

The great resignation is real, and the job hopping data for millennial’s working especially in sales is real. This trend is obvious, but what can be done about it? 

There is a danger that comes from the audacity and arrogance required to believe that anything can be done about it. By wanting or believing I can help, I may actually disqualify myself. So that is the first trick, and the hardest step. Can you approach the phenomenon with a humble and open heart? 

The second difficult task making a difference for each individual millennial employee and their employers. That is something challenging enough to keep me interested. 

The great resignation describes a double sided issue. The data is clear about the turnover in this demographic and why the moniker of the #greatresignation was created. But that same hashtag could be used to describe many companies response to it, because it is such a difficult issue that many feel resigned to the effects of it. 

If I can move the needle a little, and in that way can contribute to a better career path and a better bottomline then it will be a worthwhile endeavor. 

Through this site I will start laying out a framework and foundational assumptions for engagement and coaching. I intend my involvement to be as a consultant and a coach. 

Stay tuned, and please feel free to reach out to me if you want to talk!

Jeff Wennberg

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